Mixed electroacoustic piece (2015-2017)
Marie-Hélène Breault : composition and performance (flute)
Martin Bédard : electroacoustic composition and audio processing
Dave Gagnon : videographic composition in concert (optional)
Georges Forget : technical advisor


It is by the persevering repetition of the warm-up, a exhaustive assembly of studies and musical exercises, that the instrumentalist – like the craftsman – forges, sculpts and refines his technique and sonority. In this piece, a denatured, virtualized and recomposed flute enters the electroacoustic medium through different exercise circuits, where the material and the gesture are organized into a dynamic of restarts.

Through repetitions, II:Extensio: Warm:up:II proposes a path with multiple interior echoes. The electroacoustic part, essentially synthesized, encompasses the flute in a more orchestral and instrumental way. The sections of the work replace one another in contrast, allowing moments of high density to counterbalance moments of almost motionless sound textures. In spite of these organizational, temporal and material foundations, the hope is that the technicality of the warm-up sound will transcend in poetic ways. The impression of large spaces, saturation for its bewitching (and not discouraging) quality, the need for change, the desire to progress (extensio) and to metamorphosize in spite of the repetition (warm-up) day after day, the alloying and meeting of contrasting universes, a fallow sound that aspires to be fertile and transformed…