Mes hommages

The Breault-Reimer Duo brings together two musicians who combine creativity, virtuosity and collaboration in their music-making.  As duettists, flutist Marie-Hélène Breault and pianist Pamela Reimer, realize unpublished, original arrangements of recognized repertoire, and perform contemporary works, especially those of Canadian composers. The Breault-Reimer Duo is distinct in its coherent programming made of original themes and dynamic commented concerts, always keeping their public in mind.

This programme celebrate composers featured in the five editions of the “Hommage” series of the Société de musique contemporaine du Québec (SMCQ) and present works by John Rea, Denis Gougeon, Ana Sokolović, Gilles Tremblay and Claude Vivier. A unique programme to discover the music of major Quebec composers!

Commented concert with the following works:

John Rea, Sonatina (1965)
Claude Vivier, Pièce pour flûte et piano (1975) [AUDIO YouTube]
Gilles Tremblay, Envol (1986)
Ana Sokolović, Trois études (1997)
Denis Gougeon, Canto del piccolo (1996) [AUDIO YouTube]
Claude Vivier, Shiraz (1977)
Ana Sokolović, Un bouquet de brume (1998-2011)
Denis Gougeon, L’Oiseau blessé (1987)
Gilles Tremblay, Musique de l’eau (2008)
John Rea, Las Meninas (1990-1991) arrangement for flute and piano

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