Acousmatic work, co-composed with Martin Bédard in 2013.

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The Replica project is inspired by the existential opposition between continuity and transformation as comprised in the sentence “Eadem mutata resurgo,” or “I am reborned changed as identical.” The work is built exclusively from flute sounds, mainly old recordings of the performer and new materials generated during a first instrumental writing. The replica of these materials in a second writing on support creates various sceneries in which are interpreted on one hand the instrument and its expressive potential and on the other hand the performer and her history. In Replica, the dichotomic relation between continuity and transformation is made of 4 compositional modalities: contrast between pure instrumental sound and re-built sound; creation of new material on the basis of old recordings; progressive transformation of motives and sound objects based on repetition; and duplication of the instrumental by the electro. On the road towards instrumental utopia, the project took the form of an acousmatic work.

Crédit photo : Alexandre Lirette